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Herbal Medicines for Bunions


a bunion is a bump or bend that develops at the base of your big toe. if your big toe becomes very crooked, it can overlap your second toe. this mild deformity is common and is more likely to occur in women than in men.

there are individuals who are genetically predisposed to developfng bunions. most people, however, get them from scrunching their feet into tight shoes with a pointed toe area.

signs and symptoms

bony protrusion at the base of the big toe

pain at the site

decreased motion in the toe

conventional medical treatments

a physician usually can diagnose a bunion simply by examining the area, though an x-ray may be necessary in some cases. once a bunion is diagnosed, you will need trade your foot-pinching shoes for roomy, comfortable footwear. while this won't make the bunion go away, it will relieve the pain and keep it from growing worse. in some cases, bunions can lead to osteoarthritis or bursitis-so if your bunion suddenly becomes more painful, contact your physician. people with severe pain and deformity may need surgery to realign the bones.

complementary and alternative treatments

nutrition and supplementation

the following daily supplements may help with pain and inflammation:

d-phenylalanine (500 mg)

niacinamide (15 mg)

magnesium (400 mg)

sea cucumber (as directed on label)-reduces pain and inflammation

traditional chinese medicine

acupuncture because bunious often begin as a simple inflammation of the joint on the big toe, acupuncture can be used to improve blood and energy flow to the area, which can alleviate the pain and swelling associated with this condition, especially when combined with self-massage.

acupressure to relieve pain in the big toe, apply pressure to liver 3, which lies on the top of the foot between the big and second toes.

chinese herbal therapy the fresh juice from an aloe vera leaf can be applied topically to relieve the ache and inflammation.

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